star dog strain

Star dog strain

Once again one of the most common strains within the u.k ( u.k reviewer ) very hit and miss strain.. if grown right this strain is super heavy hitting, uplifting, creative, get shit done buzz.. the poorer quality dawg as low as 16 % thc level i personally swerve as the difference is massive.. in fact I would go as far as to say the weaker, poorly grown indoor is possibly one of the worst strains I have smoked.. moral- do your research before buying

I really love this strain. I have BPD and social anxiety, and in general a good sativa dominant weed in small doses does wonders for my every day life. I use stardawg most of the time, and I’m productive, full of creative ideas, cheerful and relaxed when I smoke. Definitely helps with some mental health problems.

I came across this strain by chance at my local dispensary. Looking fo a daytime medication that was uplifting but keeping the focus, this was an excellent choice for me. This strain helped me with my morning fatigue and kept me upbeat and focused on my day.

This strain is ok but there’ are better ones out there that Chemdawg has spawned if that’s what your’e looking for. If you are in Arkansas and want to try a Chem strain I’d recommend going with Copper Chem instead, the taste is much better and stronger (both are grown by Bold Cultivation so neither one will be cured right).

Yes I’ve bwen sampling stardog( not sure if it’s strain 2 or 4) I started sampling dope 38 years ago, as my Father used to supply it, he’s at rest now, so if the babilon are reading this it really doesn’t bother me at all. The effects remind me of some gold seal black of a 16 ounce hand rold ball that had the seal of the Afghan armed sevices written in gold ( it was not real, or I don’t believe it was real gold). I love indica and ten present doesn’t really do it for me, but, this is different! The 10 percent of indica and 90 percent sativa is just the right mixture- you can roll a joint anytime of the day and night Time too, it’s very social, it doesn’t make me paranoid, it an okay smoke. In fact it’s a lovely smoke- anytime.

Stardawg, also known as "Stardog" to most members of the cannabis community, is heavily sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the insanely popular Chemdawg 4 X Tres Dog strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 16-22% and a potent effect…


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Chem-4 x Tres Dawg


Chem 4 was an original seed popped after a Grateful Dead tour 1991 when two guys from Colorado networked with a fellow fan from Masachusetts. One ounce of supreme quality “Dog Bud” (the nickname given to the original plant, possibly originating in Oregon) had a handful of seeds. Of those seeds, one was Chem Dog 4. An allstar of it’s own, it was bred to Tres Dawg, a Chem Dog exclusive breeding project. By compounding desired traits in the flowers, Stardawg is remarkably dense, pungent and stoney.


Sprouting from perhaps the most influential strain in the modern cannabis market, Stardawg is the cumulation of two Chem Dawg (Chem Dog) strains, of which also spawned from exclusive Chem Dog breeding projects. The legend of Chem Dog, later named Chem Dawg by Top Dawg Seeds, is grand and since the early 90’s the strain has become a common ancestor of most strains enjoyed in the 21st century.


Stardawg has a dense, velvety texture. Large buds are common in growth and unlike other Chem Dog strains, hold together with minimal stem weight and have an original Skunk #1 appeal.


Stardawg is alarmingly potent in chemical, acidic and pine fragrances. Like it’s counterparts in the Chem Dog family, It truly smells like a dead skunk and has a very pevasive odor.


The musk lingering in the ambient aroma translates directly to flavor, where one may have a salivating or lip smacking reaction when consuming. Thus, it’s a favorite for processing into concentrates and the lineage of Chem Dog has spread to most modern day strains.


Categorized as a sativa-dominant hybrid, Stardawg has varying effects, mostly relying on personal preference as a guide. For some, Chem Dog strains, and Stardawg in particular, gives a very uplifting, motivational experience most commonly found in sativas. Conversely, some will feel a lethargic ambivalent reaction that is typically enjoyed with indicas. As a result, different shops and seed companies market Chem Dog and Stardawg as indicas or sativas. It’s a safe bet to expect a rich THC experience as it typically tests above average compared to other strains.

Stardawg is a strain of marijuana. Learn about the effects and characteristics of Stardawg, and view our collection of cannabis photography.