royal medic strain

Royal medic strain

I normally don’t write many reviews but this one is worthy of it. Been battling a flare-up of my herniated discs in my neck and the nerve pain has been horrendous. Tried ACDC strain and it helped to an extent – was weary of this one due to its 7% THC to 9% CBD at my local dispensary. Loaded up my volcano and within 10-15 minutes after a few bags, my body is NUMB. Took my pain from a 10 to a 3 and this is the most normal I’ve felt without pain in days. This strain is a definite medicine and is amazing at controlling pain and muscle spasms. Not to mention I haven’t stopped smiling. Hope this review helps the next person debating what strain to medicate with when they’re in horrendous pain. 👌🏽

Royal Medic is a sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% indica) strain created through a powerful medicinal cross of the classic Critical X Juanita la Lagrimosa strains. Like its name suggests, this bud has a highly medicinal nature that's fueled by an insanely high 12% CBD level and a moderate …

Royal Medic | Cannabis Strain Review

Most cannabis strains that manage to garner a suitable reputation within the marijuana community tend to have a few basic things in common. For starters, they will generally have a substantial amount of THC within them, as well as being psychoactive.

A few strains, however, defy this principle. The Royal Medic strain is an excellent example; it is a CBD-rich strain that still offers enough THC to make it useful as a regular cannabis strain. This makes it not only enjoyable for therapeutic purposes but also for everyday use to give you an incredible cannabis effect on a typical day.

Let’s explore the Royal Medic strain and discover whether or not it has an excellent flavor profile and a list of effects to make it worth more than just its cannabinoid content.

What Is the Royal Medic Strain?

The Royal Medic strain comes from a long line of sativa strains, bred again and again to cultivate only the most reliable possible blend of both major cannabinoids. Most likely made from a cross between Critical and Juanita La Lagrimosa, Royal Medic is a near enough pure sativa, while still providing a great blend of both THC and CBD.

The essential quality of this strain is its almost perfect mix of the two cannabinoids, which gives it a totally unique list of effects. For those who are more used to single cannabinoid strains that give you only CBD or THC, it might seem a bit odd.

The effects take hold quite quickly and are not at all what you might expect. First of all, it almost feels like there is no THC whatsoever, acting as more of a CBD-heavy strain. Given a little bit of time, though, it becomes a lot more evident that it is a strain made with a mix of genetics. The high sets in and is incredibly bright, which is somehow impossible to reconcile. You will feel high, yet not high at the same time.

Regardless, you will notice a complete serenity and relaxation that sets in. As it is a sativa strain, the relaxation is not too focused on the body so much as in mind. You won’t feel like you can’t move, nor like you need to fall asleep. Instead, it is more of a cerebral, mentally charged relaxation. You will think of the tasks you need to do during the day, while enjoying living in the now.

It is, frankly, a confusing experience, but one that leaves you able to quickly chill out on a calm afternoon and just enjoy yourself.


As a sativa with a diverse genetic history, its flavor profile is surprisingly diverse. The best way to describe its aroma is that it is primarily “full,” encompassing a large group of different tastes and flavor profiles.

There is a good amount of fruitiness that fills your nostrils, making it initially seem like a fruity strain. That aroma develops over time, though, especially as you begin breaking the buds apart. It grows into more of a hash smell.


As you light up your Royal Medic, you will straight away notice a prominent flavor of fruit. In this way, it is precisely like its aroma, but with a more exciting backend flavor that makes it taste a lot better than its aroma.

As you exhale the smoke, you will immediately notice hash notes reminiscent of OG Kush. It is deeply reminiscent of many other cannabis strains, almost to the point of being familiar and comfortable. It is like a warm, soothing taste that leaves you remembering simpler, more carefree times.


The odd thing about the buds of the Royal Medic strain is that it does not at all look like a proper sativa. Instead, the buds take on a distinctly indica appearance, with tighter structure and a decent amount of flavor-packed pistils.

Other than that, though, the buds are quite ordinary looking. It has some trichomes coating the bud, but not so much that it looks frosty.

If you want to try and get a large quantity of Royal Medic to keep on hand, the best thing to do is to try and grow it yourself.

Royal Medic Strain Grow Info

Growing this strain requires some Royal Medic strain seeds, which are thankfully quite easy to get a hold of. Once obtained, feel free to grow it either indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. It is quite an easy grower, not really needing any particular tricks to get it to grow correctly. Just as is the case with their appearance, the buds develop like an indica, along with the rest of the plant.

It grows quite extensively, and this sideways growth is what makes it produce such a significant yield. However, you can do a few unique things to try and increase how much usable bud there is at harvest time.

First of all, you can cut off the very bottom leaves of your Royal Medic plant, the ones that become gradually overshadowed by the growing plant. The reason for this is that the leaves will sap the growing energy away from making calyxes and harvestable buds.

You can also do some topping, which means cutting off the very top of the Royal Medic plant. This encourages it to grow even more laterally. Lateral growth allows the plant to focus on bud production, giving you a much larger quantity of Royal Medic bud when you harvest it.

Other than that, keep it well fed and watered, and you will have yourself a very easily maintained Royal Medic plant. The best thing about growing your own Royal Medic is the fact that you get the chance to see the bud develop in its oddly indica fashion.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Royal Medic cannabis strain is one with a uniquely balanced cannabinoid profile, offering up both CBD and THC.

While it can vary depending on its precise growing methods and its specific phenotype, it can generally be assumed to have around 10% THC. This is a pretty small amount of THC, but not so much that you won’t notice it or feel its effects.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Royal Medic might be a combined strain, with equal parts THC and CBD, but it actually has a bit more CBD than THC. Boasting 12% CBD, this is a CBD-leaning strain that offers up a vast range of medical benefits.

These medical benefits allow you to treat yourself no matter what the ailment is. So, what ailments can you help with Royal Medic?

Medical Benefits of the Royal Medic Strain

The thing about cannabis strains with plenty of CBD is that they can be used to treat all manner of different illnesses and problems. The Royal Medic strain, can basically be used to help with pretty much anything.

By far, the most common use of the Royal Medic strain is in treating conditions that induce inflammation. Thanks to the CBD within this strain’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, the body’s inflammation reaction can be halted. This means that people suffering from painful conditions like arthritis or eczema can find some relief in this strain.

However, it is also a great way to treat general pain. This pain can arise from long-term conditions or injuries. No matter where it stems from, this strain is a great way to help get over all kinds of painful conditions.

Furthermore, if you suffer from anxiety, this is a great strain to keep on hand. Thanks to the high CBD content, it is effective at helping reduce feelings of anxiety, especially as a result of medical anxiety.

Some people also use it as a way to treat spasmodic conditions, especially those relating to epilepsy.

A lesser-known, though still highly appreciated, use of the Royal Medic strain is in helping you get to sleep. While Royal Medic is properly a sativa and thus does not really induce feelings of sleepiness, it is still a great way to fall asleep at night.

This is because its relaxative effects help you feel more able to fall asleep, as you will be unable to focus on any kind of negative or anxious thoughts. Instead, if you want to try and fall asleep, you will feel relaxed, calm, and blissfully serene. It’s the perfect strain to fall asleep with, as long as you don’t mind it taking a while.

Possible Side Effects of the Royal Medic Strain

It is usually a virtual guarantee that all cannabis strains have some kind of adverse side effects. However, these side effects are usually tied to having a large amount of THC within them. With Royal Medic, however, this isn’t really the case.

The relatively equal amount of both CBD and THC within this strain allows it to balance itself, thus not really inducing any significant side effects.

You will definitely find yourself suffering from dry eyes and dry mouth, as with all cannabis strains. However, it is not painful or overwhelming. Other than that, you may feel a bit dizzy after smoking too much Royal Medic.

This will always happen with cannabis when you smoke too much and is definitely less noticeable with this strain. Make sure that you are correctly controlling just how much Royal Medic you smoke at once.

Final Thoughts on the Royal Medic Strain

Royal Medic is a rare example of a nearly perfectly balanced strain, both in flavor and its list of effects. It offers up a generous quantity of CBD to balance out its decent amount of THC, giving it an excellent blend of different effects.

Use this strain to treat all manner of different medical issues, or just to chill out and relax after a long, hard day.

Everything you need to know about the well-balanced Royal Medic cannabis strain, including effects, benefits, growing tips, and more.