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Kash’s Advanced LSA Extraction

Note: This page is a transcription of Kash’s Advanced LSA Extraction tek [1] . The content is to remain accurate as such.


  • 1 Pure LSA Extraction, Visually Active with no Nausea or Bodyload
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Pure LSA Extraction, Visually Active with no Nausea or Bodyload


Procedure for Clean Liquid LSA Extract
1. Pulverize your seeds into a powder using a coffee grinder or your method of choice.
2. Thoroughly mix in a glass the seed powder and 100 ml of acetone. Mix constantly for 2-3 hrs with a magnetic stirrer, or soak/mix 6 hours in a jar by hand.
3. After this, filter solution and set aside acetone extract in a glass and cover with plastic wrap to prevent early evaporation. Put seed mush back into the original cup and cover with 100 ml new acetone.
4. Repeat steps 3-4 two more times so you have atleast 3 extractions (can do more if desired). After third extraction, discard seed mush and combine the extracts into an evaporation dish/bowl. Set up a fan blowing on the extraction to speed evaporation. Doesn’t take too long. Evap to dryness, making sure there is no more acetone smell.
5. Mix in a glass 100 ml distilled water and a pinch of citric acid (pH 3-5). Add to the dry crude LSA extract and mix well for 10 minutes. Not everything will dissolve. Filter out the solids. There should now be 100 ml of aqueous LSA citrate.
6. Defat this solution with 50 ml naptha, mixing well for 10 minutes. Seperate layers with a 10 ml syringe and discard naptha. Repeat. Make sure the second time that there is no remaining naptha floating in your LSA extract after defat.
7. Now its time to freebase the LSA so it can be extracted from the water layer. Add a small amount of ammonia (around 1 ml) to solution until it changes to a light yellow color. PH should be roughly 9-10.
8. Quickly add 50 ml toluene or DCM to the solution and mix well for 15-20 minutes. After, seperate the layers with syringe and set aside the 50 ml of toluene or DCM in a glass. Repeat this step 1 or 2 more times depending on how scrupulous you want to be. Afterwards, discard your yellow/green water layer.
9. Now with your combined toluene or DCM extracts, set them to evaporate in an evaporation dish/bowl with the aid of a fan. This again shouldnt take too long, and you end up with a pure white crystal residue once dry. This could be consumed, but will oxidize pretty quickly over a few days if left out of solution. It turns increasingly tan as an indicator of oxidation.
10. Once your pure extract is dry and there is absolutely no smell of solvent in your evap dish, add 10 ml distilled H2O and 5 ml 75% drinkable ethanol. Sprinkle in a pinch of tartaric acid and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes. Filter this, and store in a vial away from heat and light.

During evaporation steps, it is ok to apply mild heat to aid evaporation. Using a heat pad or water bath works well. Putting it on the stove is not mild heat. and absolutely no open flames! Organic solvents are highly flammable.

This product of clean liquid LSA extract glows bright blue under black light and is recommended to be combined with a small amount of peppermint oil 20 minutes before consuming. If solution turns milky after peppermint oil addition, add a little alcohol to increase solubility. Impure extractions recipes can leave you with stomach cramps and vasoconstriction, not to mention nausea, and the effects may not be very fun. A pure clean LSA extraction however. Absolutely no nausea or bodyload. It is a semi euphoric dreamy feeling psychedelic similar but different/less potent than LSD lasting about 6-10hrs, and can produce visuals of tracers, colorful symbols, and geometric patterns. Good luck to all and I hope this tek creates memorable experiences.

Dosage Information

LSA is a mid-duration psychedelic entheogen that lasts about 6-10 hours. The experience varies greatly on how the entheogen is consumed whether it is in the form of raw seeds or extracted. The exact nature of the LSA experience is debated, as experiences vary with each person. LSA tends to produce a dreamlike state with mild to significant visions and can be accompanied by euphoria, sedation, nausea, and vasoconstriction. Raw LSA containing seeds tend to bring on much more of the side-effects than cleaned extracts. Peppermint oil is often combined with LSA extracts leading to a more positive experience, though the exact mechanism for this phenomenon is unknown. Some believe it to be the formation of LSH, an unstable lysergic compound more closely resembling LSD, though this topic is hotly disputed.

It is difficult to accurately measure doses of LSA extract, since potency can vary. In general you can get a rough idea by comparing the ratio of seeds to liquid extract volume. A small amount of peppermint oil should be added to the LSA extract 20 minutes prior to consuming. While dosages vary for everyone, I believe this to be a fairly accurate scale of dosage for the extraction procedure:

  • Threshold 50 seeds worth


Here’s a picture of final evap and a vial of clear LSA extract under black light.

Kash’s Advanced LSA Extraction Note: This page is a transcription of Kash’s Advanced LSA Extraction tek [1] . The content is to remain accurate as such. Contents 1 Pure LSA

Simple LSA extraction

This guide is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to break the law and cannot claim any responsibility for your actions.

WARNING: Always start with lower doses due to differences between individual body weight, tolerance, metabolism, and personal sensitivity. See responsible use section.

DISCLAIMER: PW’s dosage information is gathered from users and resources for educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation and should be verified with other sources for accuracy.

This article serves to document a procedure for the extraction of LSA from LSA-containing seeds which have not been subject to any additional preparation.


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  • Do not forget to boil the water before extraction. Otherwise, the chlorine might destroy all the alkaloids, leaving an inactive solution behind. Distilled water (available at many grocery stores) may also be used to avoid this step.
  • The seeds must not be purchased unless explicitly sold as untreated, as many easily-available seeds are coated with fungicides which can be toxic if consumed.
  • Different batches of seeds vary in potency so it is advised to use a low test dose be used to test the strength of the seeds and work your way up afterwards.
  • LSA is a substance that at toxic doses can cause vasoconstriction, meaning that your blood vessels shrink resulting in a decreased blood flow to your extremities (such as toes and fingers). This is not much of a concern unless you are taking heavy doses, and typically feels like a mild tingling sensation during most high dose trips that stops after the peak. This vasoconstriction can have long-term cumulative effects if repeated high doses of LSA are used for extended periods of time.


  • Untreated Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (HBWR) or untreated morning glory seeds (can be easily acquired online)
  • Garlic clove
  • Orange juice or any other fruit juice of choice
  • A glass of boiled tap water (tap water may contain chlorine which can destroy LSA; boiling the water will remove the chlorine. One can also use distilled water without the need for boiling).


  1. The water should be boiled (inside an open container, i.e. not a pressure cooker) and left to cool down to room temperature. There is no specific measurement of water needed as the LSA will extract into it regardless, but a small glass is recommended so that the final product can be 1 part water and two parts fruit juice.
  2. Depending on the desired dosage, (Hawaiian baby woodrose [4 to 12 seeds]) or (Morning glory [50 to 250 seeds]) should be crushed using a mortar and pestle or a hammer and then put into the water.
  3. The water should be then put into a fridge for at least 4 hours or more and covered in something such as tinfoil or a paper bag to avoid exposure to light when the fridge is opened.
  4. After the water has been refrigerated; a finely chopped up garlic clove should be added to the water for 30 minutes and stirred periodically to reduce the nausea and “body load”. This is thought to work because the sulfur in garlic may act to remove the cyanogenic glycosides within the seed matter, although this has yet to be validated scientifically. It should be noted that LSA is capable of producing nausea on its own in a seemingly unpredictable fashion. [citation needed]
  5. A small amount of fruit juice can be added to help eliminate the taste of the seed matter.
  6. Sieve out the seed matter and garlic, and this can be discarded of. Sieving through a fine material such as an old t-shirt or a paper filter to remove every last bit of seed matter will help greatly.
  7. If these steps have been followed correctly, the cold water extraction is ready to consume.


When using morning glory seeds the dosages for oral consumption are generally considered to be:

  • Light: 50 – 100 seeds / 1.5 – 3 g
  • Common: 100 – 250 seeds / 3 – 6 g
  • Strong: 250 – 400 seeds / 6 – 10 g
  • Heavy: 400 + seeds / 10 + g

When using Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds the dosages for oral consumption are generally considered to be:

  • Threshold: 1 – 3 seeds
  • Light: 3 – 6 seeds
  • Common: 5 – 8 seeds
  • Strong: 7 – 12 seeds
  • Heavy: 12 + seeds

This article serves to document a procedure for the extraction of LSA from LSA-containing seeds which have not been subject to any additional preparation.