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MIRAGE by Savage Flower – Strain Review

The Mirage strain by Savage Flower is the perfect strain for sharing with friends. The Mirage strain is a hybrid that isn’t overwhelming but has the best effects of both sides of the spectrum. Consumers of the Mirage strain get to enjoy the relaxing and calming benefits of the bud while still experiencing that uplift in mood and energy. Mirage is a great strain for intermediate cannabis consumers or just those who can’t handle strains that are too high in THC content.



The Mirage strain comes packaged in a colorful glass jar labeled with all pertinent info life THC content and harvest date. The first scent that hits you is the sweet, acidic scent of grapefruit. The aroma of this strain has been likened to both citrus fruits and straight up lemonade. The smell is similar to the Joe’s Lemonade strain but not quite as strong. The bud is fluffy and sticky with only a slightly dense texture. The size of the nugs range from small to medium-sized. A grinder is recommended for this bud to get the most out of it and avoid the hassle of breaking up the sticky nugs.


The effects of the Mirage strain leave consumers feeling energetic, uplifted, euphoric, happy, and calm. This strain is great for consumers who like productive highs. This strain works wonders when you feel like you need a bit of extra energy to get through the work day or an extra boost to complete any tasks you have at hand. The Mirage strain makes you feel like you can conquer anything. The Mirage strain works well for mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, or depression as well. This strain is versatile and a variety of consumers can find a use for it.


This strain is great for when you need a little boost of energy and aren’t a fan of caffeinated drinks or energy drinks. I’d recommend this strain to sativa fanatics due to its quick and noticeable effects. Mirage by Savage Flower is a cool, affordable strain with positive effects and a pleasant smell. This strain will satisfy even the toughest of cannabis critics. It works well in a blunt or a bowl. Whatever your favorite method of consumption, Mirage will deliver the great effects you’re looking for. RealFunctional approves! Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

The Mirage strain by Savage Flower is the perfect strain for sharing with friends. The Mirage strain is a hybrid that isn’t overwhelming but has the best effects of both sides of the spectrum. Consumers of the Mirage strain get to enjoy the relaxing and calming benefits of the bud while still experiencing that uplift…

Malibu Mirage: Bloom County

Malibu Mirage

It’s always great to experience a brand new strain. I’m not sure what the appeal is for most, but for me it is the chance to experience a brand new terpene profile and notice the subtle or not so subtle new effects. Malibu Mirage comes from two great parents that I am partially familiar with, particularly Legend OG. All I have to say is that you gas heads should probably strap in, this cultivar is the one you’re searching for.

  • Lineage – Legend OG x Jet Fuel Gelato
  • Consumption Method – Flower Vaporizer, Bong
  • Visuals – Malibu Mirage has a lot of appeal, she only loses a slight edge when compared to some other strains that Bloom is dropping. These nugs are very dense so make sure you have your favorite grinder around to feather the cannabis properly. The rest of the structure is very uniform and large with some bulbous visuals here and there on each bud. These chunkers have colors that cross a fairly vast spectrum.

    This spectrum includes greens that land in the darker hunter and forest green area and they accent a light, near olive green that encompasses most of these buds. There is a violet to deep purple tone that is found around the flower but mainly surrounding the calyxes near the top of the cola of each bud. Pistils on this lady are a beautiful and bright orange that creates a beautiful contrast on each bud present.

    There is no noticeable trichome agitation to this flower and she sparkles fairly bright. While not as stacked in these crystalline beauties as some of their other strains, Bloom makes up for it by hitting the near perfect, cloudy trichome harvest and cure.

    SCORE – 87

Malibu Mirage by Bloom County – Photo Credit: @gluelover303

    Aroma – Here’s a statement not for novices; OG funk is the immediate scent that pelts you out of the jar. Heavy overtones of thick diesel, heavy rubber, and peppery earth all prevail over a muted pine scent. With both parents of this cultivar having deep roots in OG lineage including Aspen OG and the original OG Kush, it’s of little surprise to catch these powerful and mouthwatering aromatics.

    The diesel and rubber tones quickly worked beautiful tandem when they smacked the bottom of my nose. When these buds are broken down a beautiful citrus appears and it’s nothing short of zesty, leaning toward fresh lemons. This prevailing scent is absolutely lovely on the nose and after this I couldn’t wait to dive in. As I stated in the intro, if you have ever considered yourself a gas head, please just stop reading this right now and go find some Malibu Mirage from Bloom County!

    SCORE – 93

    Flavor – Pine is right up front with this flavor monster and right behind that pine is what I can only describe as a heavy diesel with a gentle sweetness to it. This sweetness starts to also blend with spicy, herbal earth as you exhale this smooth smoke. So if you didn’t catch that, lovely gassy pine is what you will note on the inhale and that spicy fuel ridden earth is what spills onto your tastebuds upon exhale. OG lovers and gas heads unite, this strain seems to be bred just for you fine smokers.

    SCORE – 88

    Effects – A very strong smack to your noggin’ lets you know that Malibu Mirage has arrived. This heady, euphoric slam is nothing short of inviting as an instant calm enters your mind. As you being to enter a dream-like state, you just might catch her buzzy fingers massaging your brain in the best of ways as her euphoria starts to settle in.

    This indica leaning hybrid relaxes mind and body in spades, relieving those daily common aches and pains by the second while also attacking more problematic areas of pain and numbing them with accuracy. Overindulgence of this potent cultivar from Bloom can lead to couch lock so if that’s not your vibe simply consume a small amount less, get floaty, and dance your worries away.

    As this heavy stone fully sets in, it can be quite hard not to break out in fits of laughter at almost anything. I felt extremely uplifted in my mood as well as this cultivar eliminated all of my stress I had obtained throughout the day, and I can be known for compiling a good amount of it. The Jet Fuel Gelato added what I feel to be a higher sense of euphoria when coupled with the dominant Legend OG effects i’m experiencing from this amazing cut of flower. Malibu Mirage is heavy, potent, happy, and will calm down the raciest of minds.

    SCORE – 92

  • Possible Medical Uses – stress, mood disorders, chronic pain, insomnia
  • Negatives (no effect on score) – One possible negative was noted for folks that do not enjoy couchlock, and that comes from overindulgence. Another possibly negative feeling that can come from overindulgence is a mild dizziness that did not last very long at all. I will keep typing it out, but please research cannabis and how much it can dehydrate you, leading to some of these negative side effects. Drink plenty of fresh, clean water and you should rarely notice the most common negatives from cannabis.

Final Thoughts and Overall Score

Well friends, Bloom does it yet again, this time showing me what they can do with serious gas. And I must say, this is one of my favorite lifts from an OG cross in a very long time. I know the folks over at Bloom are very happy with the outcome of this cultivar and they absolutely should be. If you get down with the heavy and trance-like euphoria that some OGs can provide, you’ll likely find one of your favorites here just like I did. Keep walking towards that dispensary, because there is only one thing that is so good it might disappear before you make it there, and that’s this splendid Malibu Mirage.

I give their cut of Malibu Mirage a final score of: 90/100

Bloom County flower can be found at a variety of dispensaries in Colorado including Lucy Sky, Altitude, Euflora, WolfPac Cannabis, Mile High Dispensary and many more!!

Please refer to their website for updated product drop locations and other information, including merchandise!

As always feel free to follow or DM me on Instagram or Twitter @gluelover303 to keep updated for upcoming reviews and more! All scoring is personally subjective!

Disclaimer: I purchase all cannabis I review(if not it will be noted here) and am not compensated for my personal insights and thoughts from any dispensary or grow. These are honest reviews.

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Malibu Mirage by Bloom County – Photo Credit: @gluelover303 Malibu Mirage It's always great to experience a brand new strain. I'm not sure what the appeal is for most, but for me it is the chance to experience a brand new terpene profile and notice the subtle or not so subtle new effects. Malibu Mirage…