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Love Seed Mama Jump is a six-piece rock band from Dewey Beach, Delaware. Their music is described as guitar-driven pop rock — a blend of modern beats and melodic hooks delivered with powerful, impassioned vocals. LSMJ has released 5 CD’s and sold over 100,000 copies independently. Their music has been featured on MTV, ESPN, ABC, and Microsoft’s X-Box Project Gotham Racing video game.

With a reputation as one of the most energetic and engaging live shows on the East Coast, Love Seed has earned the title of “The Official Rock Band of the Washington Redskins”.

The band has shared the stage with such notable acts as Dave Matthews, The Beach Boys, Beck, Matchbox-20 and Fuel and the B-52’s, to name a few. Through hard work and a do-it-yourself attitude, Love Seed continues to entertain fans far and wide with their novel brand of high-energy rock and roll.

Love Seed Mama Jump has performed at thousands of Nightclub shows and over 500 Weddings, Corporate Events, Fundraisers and College/Universities.

Love Seed Mama Jump is a six-piece rock band from Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Love Seeds for Life

The How to Guide For “Conscious Seed Sowing” that Never Errs, Fails, or Wavers and Always Yields a Harvest That You Love. Physically, Financially, Relationally, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

Love always provides precisely what you ask. The kind, quality and quantity of your harvest, mirrors the kind, quality
and quantity of the seeds that you choose to sow. But regardless of appearances, the harvest is always abundant, precise,
perfect and always, in ALL ways yields what most refer to as “miracles”. unconditionally. – Chuck Danes

Are You Sincere and Serious About and Truly Ready and Willing To,
Experience a Life That You Love?

Although the term Love Seeds may “seem” to have no connection with enhancing the quality of your life, rest assured it DOES.

The fact is, it has EVERYTHING to do with it. and then some.

The reason why is because EVERYTHING that comes to you in life, whether you view it as miraculous, awesome, grand, good, bad, ugly or downright horrific, EVERYTHING in life can be traced to a seed.

It’s how life was designed. It holds true in nature and the same principles which apply, drive and sustain nature, apply to you too. Anything and everything you see in nature begins as a seed. The quality of the seed determines the quality of what is seen.

To transform the good, bad, ugly or downright horrific aspects of life into the awesome and miraculous, new “seeds” must be sown.

The Love Seeds for Life series was created for one simple reason. To assist you in BEING, DOING and/or HAVING more of what you love. The what doesn’t matter really. The only thing that really matters is that you CAN have whatever it is that YOU do love, which begs the question, “WHY do you (and so many others) want for anything?”

That’s just one of MANY questions that the Love Seeds Series will address and answer. More importantly, you’ll come away with a MUCH greater understanding of HOW to move from the tortuous effects of wanting and start HAVING the kind of results that YOU personally love.

Let’s be real. Nearly everyone “claims” to WANT a life that they love, don’t they? Have you ever wondered why so many do WANT such a life, yet only a very small percentage ever experience it? That’s quite simple too really. Very few ever learn, understand, or choose to do what’s truly necessary to HAVE what most everyone “claims” to want.

We think we understand what’s necessary, but in far more cases than not, we don’t. The ONLY reason WHY we don’t is because of what we’ve been taught. The fact is, much of what we’ve learned, think and believe to be true about how to get and experience a life that we DO love, actually conflicts with and sabotages the materialization of it.

Love Seeds for Life Reveals in VERY Clear and Simple Detail How To Take Conscious Control of the Physical, Financial, Relational, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Your Life

Where many fall short in creating a life that they absolutely love, is through attempting to control what they have ZERO control over. Case in point. As children, we have no control over what we’re “taught” to be sure. We also have no control over the choices that others make. We simply cannot control the thoughts, beliefs, actions or outcomes of others.

What we DO have control over is what we think and believe to be true or untrue about ourselves, others, life in general and what’s available or not available to us.

To transform less than effective thoughts and beliefs into tangible and measurable events, conditions, circumstances and things that we DO love, sometimes. most times in fact, requires unlearning some, much or in a few cases ALL of what we’ve been taught and “think we know” about life.

That’s PRECISELY What MOST Refuse to DO Which is WHY Only a Very Small Percentage of WANTERS Ever Experience Such a Life

In the broadest sense of the word, we all desire more love. Whether it be receiving more of the good things that we say we love, like money, health, relationships, or a sense of peace, contentment, assurance, insight, or wisdom, in nearly every case, we ALL love and desire more of something.

The Love Seeds for Life series is designed to transform your intangible desires, WHATEVER they might be, into a tangible and measurable reality. Once the concepts are internalized and the direction provided is adhered to, the Life you Love equation is solved and those things that YOU love begin to show up.

It’s not a sometimes, or hit and miss thing. It’s an always in ALL ways thing.

I’ve compiled and placed a series of links below, each of which will redirect you to a specific article in the Love Seeds for Life series. Each short and insightful article is called a Love Seed for good reason. Each Love Seed reveals in rational, logical and practical detail just how powerful and “all pervasive” Love truly is, and how you can use that FACT to create a life that you love.

Within the Love Seeds for Life series, you’ll find an unwavering, unerring and never failing method which reveals how you might begin planting the kind of seeds that ALWAYS provide a harvest, a kind and quality of which MOST would refer to as “miraculous.”

That’s a BIG claim to be sure. It’s more than a claim. it’s a promise. And yes for MOST, it’s a claim that might sound or seem crazy. impossible perhaps. Believe me when I tell you, I get it. It sounded and seemed REALLY crazy to me at one point too so, trust me, if you “think and believe” as most do, I know how crazy (or impossible) it might initially “seem” to you.

But if that’s the case. even if the idea of YOU creating miracles might seem “out there”, far fetched or impossible based on what you “think you know” right now, the FACT is, we ALL can once we KNOW how.

The Love Seeds for Life Series of short “how to” articles will provide the why’s and how’s, point out the path, have you well on your way to creating desired miracles and very soon, EXPERIENCING a life that YOU love, both tangibly and intangibly. regardless of where you’re starting from.

It’s my hope and intention that you not only enjoy and benefit from what you discover in the Love Seeds for Life series, but that you’ll use and apply each nugget of insight and wisdom consistently, so we might all KNOW and EXPERIENCE the kind, quality and quantity of life that we love, in both tangible and intangible ways.

Rest assured, it’s a quality of life that is, always has been and always will open to and readily available to anyone who “chooses” to consciously align and harmonize with it.

The possibilities are infinite as are the miracles that stem from it. More so than most realize. Perhaps the Love Seeds for Life series will assist you in not only realizing, but SEEING, KNOWING and EXPERIENCING for yourself, just how unconditionally real and true that is.

It’s my hope and intention that you’ll learn, use, apply and prosper from the Love Seeds for Life series and that as you choose and navigate your future life paths, that you’ll apply and DO what the Love Seeds for Life Series reveals.

The world can use more “loving and prosperous” people, so do yourself and the world a HUGE favor. enjoy, learn, grow, internalize, apply and prosper.

Together we CAN make a HUGE and much needed impact in the world by simply learning to “fear less” and love more. in ALL we think, say and do.

Love Seeds for Life – The How to Guide For Seed Sowing that <u>Always</u> Yields a Harvest That You Love…Physically, Financially, Mentally, Emotionally and Spirituallyt