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Firestax is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

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guest No info, June 2019

Firestax has closed thank the Gods,I was a breeder on the site and never got paid from the beginning,I tryed to warn people but thats life, good by and dont come back, bunch of criminals Kakalak the American and Firestax the English pom both criminals ?

guest Canada, April 2019

Looks like Firestax didn,t pay their website provider, and now in big letters is ,
” this account suspended”.Firestax took payments from honest people for seeds,and they got nothing.

guest Canada, March 2019

This company will not respond to customer inquiries.I lost my money.Never recieved anything.
Nothing more to say. I give Firestax 0 out of 10.

guest Canada, March 2019

No reponse to customer inquiries.Waiting over a month.I give up on Firestax.Once they sold me a item that was out of stock, and it took me eighteen months to get a replacement.I gave them another chance but same shit ,again.Nothing.

guest Canada, January 2019

Products are properly posted/updated, as in-stock or out of stock.That has been the about only negative issue
i have ever had, with any seed company i have delt with in the past.My most recent order from Firestax came fast,well packaged,and the free pack of Forum Genetics was a nice bonus.

guest United States, September 2017

Have not popped the beans yet, so do not know quality, they look good though. Ordering and delivery went smooth, would do it again without hesitation.

Golem001 United States, May 2017

Love these gyus. Ordered more than once and will order again. Some gear you wont find anywhere else and goes fast so you have to act fast. Customer service is fast to reply and very proactive in solving any problems. Some reviewers complained about slow delivery but I found that if item is in stock it shipped immediately, if you buying from upcoming drop then prepare to wait, but it is worth waiting for their gear anyways. Looking forward for future drops.

guest No info, April 2017

Ordered from firestax a few times.prices are good and freebies are awesome .they take a bit long to deliver your stuff but the freebies more than make up for it and at no point was I left wondering were my order was as customer service was good.would definetly use firestax again

guest United Kingdom, March 2017

Super fast delivery and excellent customer service. Long may it continue.

guest United Kingdom, December 2016

Extremely quick shipping – arrived on christmas eve. Also came with 15 free mcpurple seeds with a list price higher than the mandarine cookies I bought – cant say fairer than that! Top service and will use again. A++++++++++++

guest Germany, November 2016

Best seedbank so far, genuine quality better than every commerzial bank i ever ordered from, cannot say any bad thing about firestax, also cant understand the bad ratings, by far the best support and quality in my lifetime

guest Canada, October 2016

Ordered on a weekend,monday was a holiday..they shipped the next day(tues) arrived friday.Recieved a pile of quality freebies..very happy..will buy from them again.

guest Netherlands, October 2016

Due off the new depots they open delivery is way faster.
They have a few little bumbs that must rubed out but Always get what i paid for with good freebees.
Costumer service in your own language with a forum.
Depot for Netherlands and Belgium is

guest Italy, September 2016

All orders Came up with Nice freebies ..

guest United States, September 2016

Relentless Genetics just got shafted by Firestax, copy n paste from the Firestax Forum. [quote=”Relentless” post=91220]Ive been getting a lot of questions as to why I wont be doing drops here in the future.I have tried to keep my mouth shut and not say anything publicly, but its just gone a bit too long now.Im not doing another drop here bc I still havent recd a dime for the last drop I did 4-5months ago. It was the same deal on the previous drop.Thanks for the support, wish it was different here..[/quote]
[quote=”Firestax” post=91235]The reason for this as i explained earlier . Since Brexit and recent Terrorist activity in Europe i have to show passport and sign forms because i go through so much cash . I have just acquired a new source i been trying to get at for a couple of weeks now . Soon as this weeks payment clears i can sort this out no problem and been told i can have amount asked for without complications. This is also going to be fixed by taking cash orders as well at the new Washington depot. and will be used for funding the cash only drops .[/quote]
[quote=”Relentless” post=91242]It was WELL established we are cash only before the drop.. I was told 14 days after the predrop we would be paid.. I would go into some details to really drop the bomb. But ive got too much class for that.. Lets just say the excuses dont make sense at all.Just like the first drop, its been one excuse after another.There are no excuses with other companies, just good business, as it should be.Pretty sad, i went out on a limb and did a second drop, even though my gutt told me it would be just like the first drop.. And it has been.Its a shame it had to come to this.. But its true squeeky wheels get lubed.. Ive seen and heard of other breeders complaining abt the same thing here. Ive learned my lesson..[/quote]

guest United States Minor Outlying Islands, September 2016

Ordered 2 varieties during a discounted sale over a month ago. No tracking # and no conf.# either. Still awaiting seeds. My cc billing for that time hasnt arrived so Im not sure if I was charged. I e-mailed a couple times but no answer. There are more guaranteed seed sites on the web. use them. not firestax shit shop. peace, out.

guest Canada, September 2016

This has got to be the slowest Bean delivery provide EVER .
So be warned !
If you want your seeds quick DO NOT SHOP AT FIRESTAX
The excuses are endless for their slowwwwwwww deliveries, customer service is none existent via @

@ and @[email protected] both of which are jackasses.
The “Sales” make it all worth while. Summer, Black Friday,The Day after Christmas and 4:20 are pretty decent sale periods with great discounts and offers. The Liquidation sale through Sept 16 with up to 60% has been fantastic, just dont expect your orders to arrive “next day”, “next week” or “next month” for me here in BC I estimate at least 12wks for a parcel to arrive,typically with fantastic Freebies too.

guest United States, August 2016

Been waiting since last April never received, emails ignored ripped for a couple bones advise : Stay Away better places elsewhere with better service too I think.

guest Canada, August 2016

Ordered in May and well, we are in August now and still nothing! No beans nor tracking number. They always have tons of excuses saying they are not scammers but in the end you dont get what you paid for!
Worst people in this business!

guest United States, July 2016

Ordered in June and it showed payment confirm, but hasnt shipped in over a month. Owner says it will ship soon but have not seen confirmation of shipment email. Giving up on it. Wont be ordering from them again. Way too inconsistent. Did receive my first order from them.

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Firestax Seedbank Review ⛔ SHOP IS OFFLINE ⛔ User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 57 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Firestax is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder.


Well-Known Member

A warning.
Ordered 30 days ago.
Paid for tracking
Ever given to me.

6 Un answered emails
Over 2 weeks.

Finally emailed and threatened to FLAMING THEM ONLINE.


said was lost on my end.
no tracking
No response


Well-Known Member
Amos Otis
Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member

I was actually thinking of using these guys next week. they have some breeders and strains that are interesting. I read some good reviews but now I may rethink and go with the usual suspects that are proven. damn I really wanted a few strains here.

Why would these reputable breeders be working with the site?

Well-Known Member

Maybe I fell through the cracks. you never know. BUT. 6 emails NO RESPONSE
ALL I NEED TO KNOW. They claim they did not get my emails. BUT, they seemed to get the one
that said if you do not respond to this email I will FLAME YOUR CO all over the web. THEN they responded.

They claim to have “forgotten” to get the tracking number. they have RESENT my order TODAY.

NOT THE WAY I LIKE TO DO BUSINESS>>>>>>>>>>>>Just a heads up.

HAD to buy there. ONLY PLACE had the beans I wanted .

Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member

They say they are. Last email I sent was this A.M. I was PISSED. been cool about it for 2 weeks.
Get on their site. NO PLACE I SEE to leave email. only ASK A QUESTION. so I started asking questions
NO RESPONSE. NOT UNTIL I become a member of their little board, and POST UP about not getting my order.

WELL. 2 hours after posting on their little site, I get n email back. CHASTISING ME. For being “angry”.
Dude tells me to buy seeds from other places. In my last email I told them I had ordered from 5 different places,
had NO TROUBLE except with FIRESTAX. He says “you should buy from the other 5 places from now on”
I swear. i kept that email, lol.

I ask why no response to 6 emails sent in the course of 2 weeks. He says”never got them”. MY ASS. Because my CC denied the damn charge
and I had to call them to approve it, we corresponded through HIS email addy at Firestax. HIS ADDY!! I sent all 6 emails to that addy.
Same addy he finally answered me back on.

No saying I”m sorry for fubaring your order. Im sorry for NOT getting a tracking number(i paid for) or for NOT answering your emails, or the questions on their board,
but telling me I have an anger problem. HE IS AN ANGEL. does NOT sell beans for $$$, but for pleasure(right) and HAS NEVER SCREWED ANYONE.

So. you read between the lines. I COULD have fallen in the crack. COULD HAVE.

Tells me he sent another order today. YET, when I look on his site, THE BEANS i ordered show NO STOCK , and HAVE SINCE THE DAY I BOUGHT THEM.

He then tells me that because of the CC snafu, he did it “out of the norm” and it got sent later.
Said he tried to find a tracking number but could not. Tells me the original order will most likely show up this weekend, and then I WILL HAVE 2 ORDERS.
Like I’m trying to get over on him. I can gift the 2nd order to someone.

Do I think they screwed me on purpose. NO, I do not. Do I think THEY ARE A MICKEY MOUSE outfit that botched my order. YES.

Will I EVER buy from them again. whether I get 1 order or both orders. NO CHANCE.

Good luck. BTW. MY luck is usually VERY GOOD. usually LIKE doing business w/people. this was a pain all the way around.

A warning……. Ordered 30 days ago… Paid for tracking NO TRACKING NUMBER Ever given to me. 6 Un answered emails Over 2 weeks…… Finally emailed and…