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Dr. Seeds

So because this was my first grow, I don’t have much to go by. I ended up hanging it too long and missed the cure period. Its all stored in jars (rh is around 53-56% in all the jars and they are stable). So I’ve given quarters away to family and friends who are all seasoned smokers and all of them report “its good” and one friend even loves it and would buy from me on a regular if I grew more. The buds were quite airy, which I think could be caused by an irregular water schedule and I think I stressed it with the LED too close for a period of time but I’m really not sure.

The type of high for me is a good body stone and relaxation.. makes you forget but not stupid.. quite nice imo. I’d say this indica has a lot of cbd in it from how relaxed my body feels. And another note, while in the middle of flowering stage, these plants stunk really bad, Like cat piss. Haha. I love the smell now that they are in a jar, but growing they really stunk.

A nice smooth smoke, the high is great. After a nice bong hit a few minutes later the wave of high spreads to my body. Its strong like bull.

:star: 1 month cure update.
Gas, fire, hell, dank, idk how else to describe it. Amazing smell and an amazing taste. The high hits hard and fast. I like it, I like it alot.

Dr. Seeds Girl Scout Cookies is legit. 2 for 2 on germinating, 10/10 on the happy scale:peace_symbol::heart:

Growing experience, grow tips, strains reviews by home growers. Dr. Seeds cannabis seed bank strain reviews.