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Minecraft Diamond Seeds 1.16 – Java & Bedrock

We’re taking a look at some seeds that contain easy to find diamonds in Minecraft! If you want to get a jump on your game of Minecraft and don’t want to search too hard for one of the most important resources, then these seeds will help you get started with some strong tools. You might need to dig and search a bit, but we know exactly where you need to go to find the diamond that lurks in these seeds.

Minecraft Diamond Seeds List

Using the Key Locations

If you’re visiting locations in creative, you can easily teleport to them! When you’re in the game, open your chat box with the T key and type in /teleport @(name) (x, y, z), then hit Enter.

If you have other Minecraft Woodland Mansion seeds you’d like to see listed, drop us a comment!

The Shortlist

  • 11 Diamonds – Savannah Blacksmith (Java): 15427653362544
  • Mineshaft, Villages, and a Temple at Spawn (Java): 6407126555973309220
  • Blacksmith, Blocks, and Gear in Mansion (Java): 9133534446677058449
  • 20 Known Diamonds (Java): -7629372319681445308
  • 3 Buried Treasure Diamond Chests (Java): -461078946825570778
  • 21 Exposed Diamonds (Bedrock): -206561949
  • 15 Diamond Ore (Bedrock): -640873624
  • 18 Diamonds at Spawn (Bedrock): 2123212974

11 Diamonds – Savannah Blacksmith

Credit: BigBrain5Head – Seed: 15427653362544 – Version: Java 1.16

Savannah Villages are already our favorite type of Village because of how pleasant they look, and this seed only helps fortify that fact. You spawn right next to a village with a Blacksmith, and inside his chest you’ll find 11 diamonds! This is a quick start to great armor, and is enough to don Diamond Leggings and Boots. Once you’re done setting up camp, you have plenty of ocean to explore (and Shipwrecks). As a cherry on top, you have access to all biomes within 2k blocks!

  • Key Locations
    • Savanna Village: 152 80 168
    • Shipwreck #1: -88 40 1-184
    • Shipwreck #2: 120 40 -104
    • Shipwreck #3: 136 40 56
    • Desert Temple: 24 80 -504

Mineshaft, Villages, and a Temple at Spawn

Credit: BigBrain5Head – Seed: 6407126555973309220 – Version: Java 1.16

In this seed you do have your work cut out for you. You spawn near several biomes, a couple desert villages, and a Desert Temple with diamonds. You won’t find a lot of diamonds there, but the real treasure is underneath the temple and your spawn point. There are two easy entrances to the mineshaft below, which has plenty of opportunity for diamonds to mine. The first entrance is the tree that you spawn near, just dig straight down and you will land in the Mineshaft. The second entrance is the TNT in the Desert Temple. Once you have collected the diamonds, just go ahead and step on the plate to explode the TNT. It opens the Mineshaft! Get mining!

  • Key Locations
    • Desert Temple: 24 80 88
    • Village #1: 68 80 244
    • Village #2: 204 80 292
    • Village #3: 68 80 -364
    • Mineshaft: 178 38 131
    • Desert Temple: 24 80 -504

Blacksmith, Blocks, and Gear in Mansion!

Credit: BigBrain5Head – Seed: 9133534446677058449 – Version: Java 1.16

If you ever wanted a quick seed for Diamonds, then truly this one is it. Straight away you can loot Diamonds from the blacksmith to get yourself a Diamond Pickaxe. Then after you are suited in some semi-decent armor, head forth and conquer the mansion and defeat the pillagers to claim Diamon Chestplate and blocks!

  • Key Locations
    • Ruined Portal: 24 120
    • Spider Dungeon: -11 20 154
    • Village with Igloo: -924 -826
    • Desert Temple: -136 872
    • Stronghold: -2000 -1776

20 Known Diamonds!

Credit: EggDropSoup47 – Seed: -7629372319681445308 – Version: Java 1.16+

Here’s a seed that has 13 diamonds that are fairly easy to find. You’ll need to head into a ravine and go into a cave area. The most obvious one is the spawn of 8 diamonds, it’s near some lava that shouldn’t be too difficult to find (use the coordinates). There’s also a spawn of 5 diamonds near that one that can be found if you look around in the same area. There’s also a village not too far from the ravine, and that ravine has a mine you can locate. If you follow the mine for a bit, you will come across a large ravine which also has some diamond to find!

  • Key Locations
    • Ravine 8 Diamonds: -385 11 -95
    • Ravine 5 Diamonds: -372 13 -91
    • Village: -313 63 -792
    • Ravine 5 Diamonds: -261 15 -743
    • Ravine 2 Diamonds: -271 11 -634

3 Buried Treasure Diamond Chests

Credit: manngamania – Seed: -461078946825570778 Version: Java 1.16+

A bit of a different type seed because you get the diamond out of buried treasure chests instead of actually mining it! You can find eight diamonds pretty close to spawn near the beach. These chests also hold quite a bit of gold and iron bars which will really get you going quite quickly. There’s also a village right next to the spawn, there’s a beach village with a coral reef, and a desert village not too far away as well!

  • Key Locations
    • Beach Village: -314 69 129
    • Desert Village: 132 80 4
    • Buried Treasure Chest (2 Diamonds & Gold Bars): 105 60 169
    • Buried Treasure Chest (2 Diamonds & Iron Bars): 9 68 105
    • Buried Treasure Chest (4 Diamonds & Gold + Iron Bars): -263 63 313

21 Exposed Diamonds (Bedrock)

Credit: Ninja_Kat587 – Seed: -206561949 – Version: Bedrock 1.16+

This map spawns you directly next to a ravine that has 21 exposed diamonds at the bottom! That’s the quick start you’re looking to find, and will give you a nice boost to your early game. Simply find some iron, and you’ll be ready to enter the Nether within 10 – 15 minutes of spawning. After you get all your gear ready, you can hit the stronghold that is about 1,000 blocks away and defeat the Ender Dragon in record time!

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: -280 80 -250
    • Village #2: 150 80 -310
    • Mineshaft: 310 -20
    • Stronghold: -1020 90
    • Jungle Temple: 650 80 -300

15 Diamond Ore (Bedrock)

Credit: Horck_Gang – Seed: -640873624 – Version: Bedrock 1.16+

You have to dig for these diamonds, but you don’t have to travel far from spawn! There is a Mineshaft close to spawn and several villages nearby for you to set up camp. If you manage to snag a Fortune III pickaxe and hit that 15 Diamond Ore vein, you will be sitting pretty!

  • Key Locations:
    • Diamond Vein: 8 10 -29
    • Village #1: 200 80 -300
    • Village #2: 170 80 -730
    • Abandoned Village: -330 80 -300
    • Mineshaft: 120 -55

18 Diamonds at Spawn (Bedrock)

Credit: MillHall78 – Seed: 2123212974 – Version: Bedrock 1.16+

This seed isn’t too functional as far as survival goes, but it has a ton of diamonds available immediately. Within 10 minutes you will have enough diamonds for a chestplate, leggings and a diamond pickaxe! Once you have those, you are ready to explore the Overworld and the Nether.

  • Key Locations
    • 8 Diamonds Under Spawn: 2312, 13, 5
    • 8 More Diamonds: 2347, 12, 5
    • 4 Diamonds in Ravine: 1962, 12, -480
    • Portal with buried chest: 2050, 77, 302
    • Shipwreck: 2095, 67, -108

If you want to find even more of this vital resource, be sure to check out our Minecraft: Where-to Find Diamonds Guide! We’ve also have a lot more seed options on our Best Minecraft Seeds post.

Minecraft Diamond Seeds 1.16 – Java & Bedrock We’re taking a look at some seeds that contain easy to find diamonds in Minecraft! If you want to get a jump on your game of Minecraft and don’t want

5 best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

Minecraft players will argue that diamonds are not only a girl’s but everyone’s best friends. And they would be right. When playing the game, diamonds can be one of the most essential resources that you can mine and use to create armour, tools, and weapons. It gives you a bonus in terms of protection and the damage that your weapons do to enemies.

Ask any Minecraft player, and their ultimate goal when starting a new adventure is to go “full diamond”, donning an entire body of diamond armour and equipping a diamond sword and pickaxe. Since diamonds are such a precious resource, they are even more challenging to find. But here are a few Minecraft seeds that can help you spawn at a location where these gemstones can be found swiftly and easily!

Five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

1) Diamonds inside ravine

Ravines can be too treacherous to traverse in, but can prove to be equally rewarding. Especially since they can be home to a bunch of diamonds!

This particular seed helps you spawn right next to a ravine that contains diamonds that you want to get your hands on. Be careful not to fall while climbing down the ravine, though — that’d be a painful death!

Seed Code: -974562123

2) Diamonds in a sinkhole

This particular Minecraft seed is perfect if you want to skip making the stone and iron tools, and jump straight to a diamond sword and pickaxe. You spawn next to a giant sinkhole that goes directly to the underground levels, where you will find yourself at least five pieces of diamonds, all ready to mine.

Of course, you will need an iron pick to get these gemstones, but that’s a technicality we’re willing to ignore.

Seed Code: -6959476951899901279

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3) Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure

This seed spawns you near not one but two shipwrecks, one of which contains a map to a buried treasure. Any Minecraft player knows the kind of precious loot you can find onboard a sunken ship, as well as the buried treasure chests that you can find.

These two shipwrecks not only give you a few diamonds right at the beginning of the game (without you having to mine them), but also provides a whole bunch of emeralds and other great loot!

Seed Code: -573947210

4) Blacksmith Villages

This Minecraft spawn can help start your game with not only diamonds but also full iron armour right on your first day of survival. This seed makes you spawn near two blacksmith villages. You can easily find a pair of iron trousers and boots, four pieces of diamonds, some food, a bunch of spare iron ingots to finish suiting up, and some obsidian to take that early trip to the Nether!

Seed Code: 1955368017

5) Ravine and abandoned mineshaft

This particular seed lands you right next to a ravine and a blacksmith village. The latter doesn’t hold any promising loot, unfortunately, but you can brave up and venture down the gorge to find an abandoned mineshaft.

The mine can be tricky to navigate but does reward you with precious ores like diamonds, gold, and vast veins of iron that can be useful when starting your game.

Diamonds are one of the most critical resources to collect in Minecraft. Since they are so vital, they can also be very tough to find for the players.