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Best Cheap LED Grow Lights For Best Yields | 2021 Review

What if I tell you that you don’t always need to buy expensive led grow light to get a good result? Sounds good, right? Our experts have spent more than 20 hours to find and review these 5 best Cheap LED Grow Lights, and we have written honest reviews about the same!

If you are in a hurry and want yourself the best and cheap led grow light that gives the best yields, choose Spider Farmer SF-2000: Visit their official website!

These led grow lights aren’t just cheap, but they are valued for money as well!

My expert team and I tested the low rate grow lights for since long, and now we have those five magical names! Yes, what I am going to suggest to you here, you can blindly buy them!

I know the excitement is at the top! So, without stretching it much, you can cleanly cherish the review and select the one, which is suiting the best for you. No matter which one you pick, but you can take a guarantee from my side that it is definitely and going to provide you larger, better, and intense aroma yields!

Best Cheap LED Grow Lights – Reviews in 2021

LED Grow Light Max. Coverage Area Power Draw HPS Replacement Check Prics
King Plus 600W 3 x 3.4 ft 120W 600W Check Price
Galaxy Hydro 300W 3 x 3ft 132w 400W Check Price
Meizhi 300W 2 x 3ft 140W 300W Check Price
Advanced Platinum P300 300W 5ft x 4.3ft 180w 400w Check Price
Viparspectra Reflector Series 300W 2×2 ft 130W 250W Check Price

#1 – Spider Farmer SF-2000 – Best Budget LED Grow Light for Hydroponics

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED grow light is an excellent light for people who are using hydroponic to grow their marijuana plants.

This light will save a lot of energy, as well. It has an energy efficiency of 2.7 umol/J. Meanwhile, even though it provides an output of 2000W, it sucks about 2020 watts.

The overall coverage area for the vegetation cycle you will get from this light is 3 X 4 feet. Additionally, the flowering stage area coverage in this best hydroponic grow light is 2 X 4 feet.

You can fit multiple plants easily within this area coverage.

If you have many plants and do not fit within the area coverage of this light, you can buy a set and use them with daisy-chaining.

Doing so will increase the coverage area to 6 X 6 feet for the vegetation period and 5 X 5 feet for the flowering period.

As soon as you open this grow light packaging, you will be all ready to plug and play it. There is no assembly whatsoever required.

It is full-spectrum LED Grow Light, meaning you will get blue, red, white, and Infrared bulbs. The wavelength of light emitted from this best LED grow light includes 660-665nm, 3000K, 5000K, and 760nm wavelengths.

With this grow light, your plants are going to thrive and give you ample harvests.

As there is no fan in this grow light, you will not hear any kind of noise coming out of it. No fans do not mean that the light is going to get very hot.

Thanks to the slim design and concrete aluminum heat sinks, your plants will not feel the heat. It is safe, as well.

The cables that are attached inside the light are all safely coated with protective covers. The board to which the LEDs are attached is all waterproof.

Compared to other LED grow lights of similar power output, you can expect this grow light to last 50% longer.

As you will get higher canopy penetration and long service life, this LED grow light stands out compared to other Grow Lights.

Plus, you are going to get a superior 3-year extended warranty with the light as well. It’s one of the best cheap Grow Light.

Hanging height: 24 to 30 inches
Timing: 18 hours ON and 6 hours OFF

Hanging height: 24 inches
Timing: 18 hours ON and 6 hours OFF

Hanging height: 18 to 24 inches
Timing: 18 hours ON and 6 hours OFF

Hanging height: 12 to 18 inches
Timing: 12 hours ON and 12 hours OFF

Why Spider Farmer SF-2000?
  • Durability tests were carried out on each light.
  • Dimming available.
  • Waterproof chipboard.
  • Mean well driver for safety.
  • 50,000-hour life.
  • No noise at all.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Low heat.
  • Excellent PAR/watt ratio.

It is a very long-lasting and powerful Best Budget Marijuana LED Grow Light. With features like no noise, low heating, energy efficiency, and full-spectrum light, we can be sure that this is a wise purchase for anyone. Additionally, you also get an extended 3-year warranty, which makes it an awe-inspiring product. The people who have bought it are not disappointed, and they even gave it excellent ratings. It’s undoubtedly one of the best full-spectrum Grow Lights in the market, buy it today!

#2 – King Plus 600W LED grow light review – Editor’ choice

Out of so many LED grow lights that we have tested, King Plus 600W LED grow light was the one, which satisfied us to the deepest point. Now, there are so many good things about this model. As a result, you can see a 4.5+ stars rating on Amazon, where 900+ users have reviewed it. This light is more durable and rugged than the expectations of you and me.

The coverage area and PAR output make you joyful. The composition of various Grow Lights in the spectrum is perfect. We do not believe in numbers much. The primary basis of my reviews is the result, and the cannabis that thrived under King Plus 600W LED grow light was unbearable even for much expensive grow lights.

It pulls just 120W from the wall, which is adding on to your pleasure. At the same time, it is replacing a 600W HPS system. The max Grow area is 3 x 3.4 ft, and the canopy penetration of this light is so intense that if you place the plant pots quite close, then every part of the plant will get an equal intensity of light.

However, the daisy-chaining feature is not there for you, but who cares? It is already proving all other luxuries that this deficiency gets overshadowed somewhere.

Product Dimensions 12.2×8.26×2.36inches
Item weight 6.61 pounds
Actual Power Draw 120W
LED Type Epistar LEDs
Coverage Area veg 3 x 3.4 ft
Coverage Area bloom 2.4 x 2.7 ft
Working Frequency 50
Pros and Cons
    Highly powerful and decent canopy penetration.Excellent heat dissipation system.Great power-saving capabilities.Good coverage area. Extra-ordinarycustomer reviews and ratings. Full spectrum with right proportions of Grow Lights.
    No Veg and bloom switches.
King Plus 600W LED grow light review: The verdict

This 600W LED model is undoubtedly the finest creation of King Plus, and the Amazon public reviews show the same. It is no less than a boon for small scale growers, as, at a very very meager price, you are able to enjoy big luxuries. I highly recommend you, bring one King plus 600W LED grow light home as it is the cheap 600w led grow light which has truly won many hearts, including mine!

#3 – Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED grow light review – Amazon’s choice

This light is Amazon’s choice, as it is the highest-selling LED grow light under $100. More than 1600 reviews on Amazon and 4.4/5 is the rating. Now, when an item is selling that much, it would surely be that good; that is why growers trust this model.

But as I said, I believe more in results . Galaxy Hydro 300W didn’t please my team just with the numbers, but with weed and cannabis as well. On the off chance that we should be explicit for Galaxyhydro 300 Watt, this Grow Light is wonderful about execution.

We can count it among the best LED grow lights for weed undoubtedly.

That is the reason we include it in our best cheap LED grow light review. GalaxyHydro 300W is stuffed with heart fulfilling material, which makes it tough and fit for performing for the progressively broadened period.

They’ve outfitted this grow light panel with 100 LEDs of 10W each, which spreads a remarkably splendid and extreme light everywhere on your growing space. The canopy penetration is excellent!

Presently, if we talk about range, it’s up to the check where every single fundamental band required for your plants has been secured, including IR and UV. The astonishing thing about Galaxy Hydro is that it has a convincing proportion of Red light, which supports the development of your blooms massively.

Product Dimension 12.1×2.4×8.2 inch es
Item Weight 4.74 Pounds
Working Voltage AC100
Pros and Cons
    Easily affordable.Exceptionally powerful and durable LED chips.Full-spectrum with IR and UV.Great PAR value and canopy penetration at that price segment.Amazon’s choice.Impressive warranty service.30 Months limited warranty.
    No manual control over the spectrum.Absence ofdaisy-chaining feature.
Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED Grow Light Review: The Verdict

If we are talking about cheap led grow lights that work and do not mention Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED grow light, then it would be ugly! It is among the cheapest 1000W models out there, and other such models stand nowhere near it regarding perfection. It’s one of the cheapest LED Grow Lights. I recommend you Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED grow light with both my hands up!

#4 – Meizhi 300W LED grow light review

Here comes the one among the cheap full spectrum LED grow lights that do its job exceptionally well. The cool thing about this variation is that it’s a refreshed form of its old 300W LED. Additionally, no doubt, as we realize, each refresh accompanies some cool capacities and upgrades .

No doubt, since every maker needs to hold their situation available by giving execution arranged items to the clients.

It is among the finest creations. For this situation, also they’ve ad-libbed their item quality contrasted with old one. Item quality concerning execution, control utilization, and light viability is good. We should investigate what this one of the least expensive LED grow light brings to the table to its clients.

This Grow Light by MEIZHI is furnished with 60 LEDs of 2W each. We concur that it’s low on each LED. However, they’ve ad-libbed their plan quality to deliver more power for the light. Now, you hardly find 2W chips in any modern-day grow light, but no need to worry; the makers do have a reason behind it.

Better believe it, the designers of this 300W model have eliminated glass and plastic building board and outfitted this grow light with a propelled reflector that highly encourages it to spread the light equally throughout the grow area equally and adequately.

If the range is a worry, it’ll spread a spectrum of the band from 450 to 660nm, including white and 2 PC of LEDs that will also sprinkle a trace of IR. This IR doesn’t appear to work even. However, all of the different things are going great to the extended range is concerned. Durability is the biggest plus point of this best cheap led grow light.

Must read reviews of the best cheap LED Grow Lights. Our cannabis experts spent a great time in picking the cheap and suitable LEDs for you.

The Cheapest Grow Light for Growing Weed 2019

Growpackage Eco Farm
Oct 16, 2019 · 7 min read


By mimicking the spectral light wavelengths that plants utilize in their growth and production, grow lights are able to provide specific temperatures and energy to vegetation. Almost exclusively used indoors, these are simple solutions to add a light source to existing grows through darker winter months. Or, to start seedlings prior to the warmth of spring and ensure a healthy start to an outdoor garden. No matter what you are considering a grow light for, they are more than popular with garden and plant enthusiasts of all experience, these are well worth (cheap)


As ment i oned, grow lights influence plant growth by providing specific spectral wavelengths. This light provides energy to the plant which supports the chemical process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis converts the light energy into energy the plant uses to grow, mature, and produce. Without light, plants will struggle for nutrients and many will look poorly and may not produce at all. If you plan on growing anything without the correct natural sunlight it needs, then you should consider a grow light.

The Cheapest Grow Light for Growing Weed indoor

Growing weed indoors is not always cheap. There is a lot of equipment to buy, from basics like seeds and nutrients to lighting, ventilation and more advanced equipment like temperature controllers, CO2 regulators, and more. Whether you grow in soil or in a full blown hydroponics system, the costs can start to add up.

While it is true that you can make your money back in a few months by growing the right number of plants, not everyone has the start up cash to start growing for a large harvest right away. Do not worry though, because there are always ways to save money on grow equipment, and you can start small.

In this article we will go over the best cheap grow lights for cannabis growers in 2018. There are a few different types of grow lights you can purchase, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

HID or HPS lighting is inexpensive to set up, typically costing under $200 for a full kit including ballast, bulbs and reflective hood. The drawback here is that bulbs need to be replaced yearly, and you have to use separate bulbs for vegetative and flowering.

HPS also consumes a lot of electricity, which can increase your monthly bill. CFL or fluorescent lights are inexpensive and energy efficient, but unfortunately they only work well for vegetative growth. You can use them alongside HPS, or if you are cloning or germinating seedlings.

LED or Light Emitting Diode lighting is the most advanced technology in grow lights right now. They tend to be pretty expensive, with large LED grow lights sometimes costing over $500 each, but you can find smaller lights for cheap if you have only a few plants, say five or less.

LEDs are super energy efficient and will barely cost any money in electricity over the long run, and they can be combined as you expand your grow op, instead of having to just purchase all new larger lights. You also have the option of DIYing your own LED lights, which we will go over in more detail below.

Marijuana that was grown under LED Lights:

The primary benefit of LED grow lights is that they can significantly reduce heat output and power consumption vs other lighting sources. LED grow lights often have built-in fans and heat sinks to regulate temperature and ventilation, and they are more energy efficient overall. While the initial cost is higher than the alternatives, LED grow lights can actually save you more money in the long run.

LED grow lights are plug-n-play. You can simply hang a grow light over your plants and plug it directly into the wall without any other major adjustments.

Better LED grow lights can produce the particular spectrum a plant needs for its various stages of growth.

Another advantage is their longevity; LED bulbs will not need to be replaced nearly as often as fluorescents or HID.

Because of their numerous benefits, we recommend LED grow lights to hydroponics marijuana growers — beginners and experts alike.

LED grow lights are cost-efficient, low maintenance, and have a lifespan of many years. Some cannabis growers use LED grow lights in conjunction with High-Intensity Discharge lights to produce high-quality buds, but they can be used as a stand-alone grow light for weed with amazing results.

The Cheapest LED Grow Light

ECO FARM 300W LED GROW LIGHT Price: $55.35

Eco Farm led full spectrum dimmable grow light. Using 125 PCS Epistar & Bridgelux chips to make well-balanced light and illumination. Professional true 12 bands full spectrum LED grow light is ideal for the perfect and well-sustained growth of your marijuana/cannabis plants. Easy to use and designed especially for grow tents and smaller scale home growing, this low-power grow light system draws just 300W, saving power consumption, it has the best UV and infrared The 12-band full spectrum promotes faster and better plant growth, and the LEDs are designed with no removal and are easy to maintain.BEST match grow tents:2’x4′ grow tent

Cheapest HID Grow Lights (HPS or MH):Price: $32-$129

HID lights are like a 70s Muscle Car: Powerful but wasteful.

They produce a good harvest (more then the LEDs mentioned above).

But they use 2x-3x the electricity and produce 2x-3x the heat.

2′ x 2′ = 150 Watt HID

3′ x 3′ = 400 Watt HID

2′ x 4′ = 600 Watt HID

4′ x 4′ = 600 Watt HID

5′ x 5′ = 1000Watt HID

If you live in a hot climate, use an air cooled one: Buy 400 Watt Air cooled HID grow light

HID lamps come often with 2 bulbs. An MH bulb for veging phase and a HPS for flowering.

These lamps come with a Ballast to run them. Do yourself a favor and get one with a digital ballast. They use less electricity, produce more light and the bulb lives longer. Also, they throw less electro-smog. So the digital ballast is very recommended as opposed to the old dirt magnetic ones which are still being sold every now and then.

Cheapest CMH Grow Lights :Price: $36-$161

CMH grow lights are somewhat new. They are very popular because they are more efficient than HPS/MH Lights. That means they produce more light output per electricity watt. Also their fuller spectrum of light increases growth, overall health, and yield.

  • Higher UV output means plants produce more essential oils
  • Lasts 18 months compared to 9 month HPS/MH lamps
  • The best light for plant growing competitions
  • Light spectrum isn’t as precise as LED however penetration is better

Buy 315 Watt CMH Lamp or a 630 Watt CMH grow Light

Or convert your old HIDs to CMH with this CMH conversion kit.


T5 Fluorescent lighting is for more than just your workspaces and garages. Popular due to their long lifespan, these bulbs produce a more blue range of light and provide great support for early growth and maturity.

• Wide availability (buy at local store)

• Low heat output and electricity usage

The Cheapest T5 24W Fluorescent lighting


By mimicking the spectral light wavelengths that plants utilize in their growth and production, grow lights are able to provide specific temperatures and energy to vegetation. Almost exclusively used…