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Top 10 most sweet and fruity strains

When you’re in the mood to smoke on something sweet, fruity strains are just the thing to satisfy your craving. From lemon to mango to strawberry, fruity strains offer a delicious array of flavors, but still deliver the earthy taste and aroma that consumers love most about their favorite herb.

Because of the excellent and unique experiences they bring, lots of fruity strains are award-winners and have received recognition at widely-known cannabis events like the High Times Cannabis Cup. But even without a trophy, fruity strains are worth trying simply for the fact that they spice things up and make smoke sessions that much sweeter.

Whether you’re looking to grow a fruity strain or pick one up from your local dispensary, these flavorful buds will please consumers and cultivators alike. On top of their delightful taste and smell, several fruity strains boast everything from exceptional yields to fast flowering times. To point you towards the best trees, here is our Top 10 sweet and fruity strains

Fruity strains don't just deliver phenomenal taste and smell, but also sweeter highs. This list singles out our Top 10 sweet and fruity strains on the market.

Top 10 Tastiest Cannabis Strains From Royal Queen Seeds

All cannabis strains smell and taste good. However, some of them stand out above the rest in this domain. Find out which strains from RQS will send your taste buds into overdrive.

Cannabis is one of the most profoundly beautiful-smelling plants that exist on Earth, and will certainly occupy bouquets and flower arrangements of the future. But what is it that gives cannabis such a unique and incredible aroma? Well, the surface of cannabis flowers houses tiny mushroom-shaped glands known as trichomes. These glands are essentially miniature chemical factories that produce secondary metabolites, molecules that contribute to the plant’s survival in nature. These molecules include the cannabinoids we know and love, as well as aromatic chemicals called terpenes.

It’s the terpenes that produce such intense and diverse aromas and tastes within the cannabis plant. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis, though. They are what give plants such as pine trees and fruits such as oranges and lemons such recognisable smells. These molecules are found in high concentrations within cannabis flowers, resulting in such intense sensory experiences. Not only do they contribute towards such amazing smells; they also enhance the action of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.


Here are the top 10 best-tasting cannabis strains.


Fruit Spirit is the result of a breeding project with the end goal of creating a strain more flavourful than any other. This taste bud blaster is the result of crossbreeding White Widow and Blueberry. The flowers are loaded with terpenes that emanate scents of intense blueberry sweetness. Each bong hit or joint toke is loaded with flavour. Fruit Spirit is the perfect addition to sweet edibles and cocktails to add a psychoactive twist. The indica-dominant high is slightly stoning, very relaxing, and will get some interesting conversation flowing. A THC content of 18% means the high is fast-acting and fairly intense. Indoor plants will yield up to 425g/m², whereas outdoor plants will provide up to 525g/plant.

The unique and potent aromas and flavours of cannabis are owed to aromatic molecules called terpenes. Here are the 10 tastiest cannabis strains at RQS.