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Best Outdoor Strains To Grow In Maine: Top-Notch Harvests Every Time

It may be hard for a beginner to navigate the complicated landscape of outdoor cannabis growing in the United States, both in terms of legality and climate conditions. However, in this series of articles, we’ll attempt to guide you on your way to bountiful and legal harvests, starting with the state of Maine.

Can You Grow Marijuana Outdoors In Maine?

The law says yes. If you’re 21 or older, you can grow up to 3 flowering marijuana plants, as many as 12 immature plants, and an unlimited number of seedlings. You can set up your garden within your home or in a fenced-in and secure area outdoors where your plants are out of sight.

Okay, But What About The Climate?

Although it’s the northernmost state in the New England region, Maine has quite favorable weather conditions during the growing season. Marijuana plants flourish when daytime temperatures fluctuate between 73 and 83 °F, and this is exactly what you’ll see on most summer days in Maine. More importantly, there’s a lot of sun when it matters most, toward the end of summer. At the same time, fall arrives early and it can get really cold really fast. This raises a very important question: what are the best outdoor strains to grow in Maine?

Best Strains For Your Maine Outdoor Garden Are September Finishers

One unique thing about cannabis is that it enjoys the same weather as many people do. Since the best period for warm-weather activities in Maine is from late June to early September, it gives you an exact idea of when it’s best to harvest your outdoor buds. Just look for strains that finish from early to mid-September.

Most of these faster flowering varieties will be Indicas, probably of Afghani descent. However, Indica flowers are so dense that they can become like magnets for mold and bud rot. Balanced Sativa/Indica hybrids have a more airy bud structure and thus are better protected against mold, but they take a couple of weeks longer to mature. Sativas finish even later, likely not earlier than October, but their fluffy buds are more resilient to mold.

As you can see, there’s always a trade-off between speed of flowering and mold-resistance, and you’ll probably need a couple of seasons of trial-and-error before figuring out what strain works best for you.

It’s Best To Choose An Auto For Your First Maine Grow

Luckily for you, you don’t have to bite your nails while waiting for your first ever outdoor harvest. The season in Maine may be short, but there’s a type of plant that requires an even shorter period of time to come all the way from seed to harvest. We’re talking about autoflowers – and here are our top five candidates for a successful New England grow.

    Autoflowering The real thing! 15 – 20 % 350 – 500 g/m² indoors30 – 150 g/plant outdoors

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+ Speed Auto: Get Two Consecutive Harvests In One Season

Finishing in just 50 days from seed, + Speed Auto is ideal where there are restrictions as to the number of mature plants you can have at the same time, as is the case in Maine. Plant your first batch of seeds in late May, and by September, you’ll get two harvests and a double yield without breaking the legal limits. If you germinate your seeds indoors at the end of April, put them into the ground two weeks later and begin the new cycle a couple of weeks before the previous one is over, you can even have three harvests in a single season. You’ll also be rewarded by plenty of big and dense buds and the kind of uplifting social high that makes you happy and talkative.

    Autoflowering Makes the day easier and happier 22 % High

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AK420 Autoflower: A Gorgeous And Generous Sativa

This sage-green beauty will produce a lot of bulky yet airy colas that won’t give you trouble with mold in the oppressively warm and humid July weather. It will perform even better if you time your grow so that the plants finish flowering in the drier conditions of late summer or early fall. With AK-47 genetics in its lineage, AK420 Autoflower is a classic Sativa: it produces a heady high that lifts your mood, dissolves anxiety, and makes you happy, social and creative.

    Autoflowering Successive waves of high and stone 20 – 24 % 400 – 600 g/m² indoors50 – 300 g/plant outdoors

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Gorilla Glue Auto: A Summer’s Harvest Will Last You A Year

Gorilla Glue Auto is famous for its over-the-top resin production. The plant’s frosty and sticky appearance promises an unbelievably strong effect and an intense flavor. With notes of pine, citrus, diesel and even chocolate, the smoke is very rich and delicious. This autoflowering strain is also a high-yielder, although you’ll hardly need so much bud – most users won’t be able to smoke Gorilla regularly, except perhaps in the evenings or on weekends.

    Autoflowering Activation of creativity 26 % 400 – 500 g/m²

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Auto Orange Bud: The Most Bang For Your Buck

You’ll love the sweet fruity aroma of blood oranges that these tight and hard nuggets produce. Especially if your senses are sharpened by the previous hit, the smell and taste of the smoke will overwhelm you. The effect is equally strong, making you blissfully spaced out, so Auto Orange Bud is best consumed late in the evening. Plant seeds in the middle of June so that the buds see as many dry and clear days as possible during the late flowering stage.

    Autoflowering High escalation 26 % 400 – 550 g/m² indoors
    50 – 200 g/plant outdoors

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Gelato Auto: Rocket Fuel For Your Energy And Creativity

Brimming with 26% THC, this strain is probably the strongest auto you can grow outdoors. It’s also one of the most delicious: sweet and creamy, but also reminiscent of freshly baked cookies and with notes of pine forest soil. And the best thing is, you can keep savoring Gelato Auto without passing out or hitting the ceiling in your high. Every hit will only bring you to a new level of great mood and creative energy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment In Your Future Grows

As you can see, these five autos are a fail-proof way to grow premium-quality buds in Maine. And while they mature in your garden, you can go ahead and run some bolder experiments with photoperiod genetics. Look for an early finishing and mold-resistant strain according to our guidelines above, or simply type ‘early version’ or ‘fast version’ in our search box.

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In this article, we’ll attempt to guide you on your way to bountiful and legal harvests in the state of Maine. Can you grow marijuana outdoors in Maine? The law says yes

Top 5 – Best strains to grow in Maine

Maine is a state on the east coast of the USA where it has been legal to grow cannabis since 2016. There are restrictions on the number of plants you can grow, and you have to ensure the plants aren’t visible from the air or another property, but other than that, Maine is a place that is welcoming to growers of weed.

If you plan to grow outside, you need to take into account Maine’s short growing season. Think of growing weed plants as having very similar needs to tomatoes – and plenty of people grow them successfully.

Aim to let them grow all summer, and plan for harvest in the autumn by mid-September or early October at the latest.

You will need a trustworthy seed bank and seeds which are suitable for a short growing season. Sounds complicated? It isn’t!

Top 5 Best strains to grow in the state of Maine

To make things easier for you; here are five cannabis varieties that will do well when grown outdoors in Maine, or anywhere else with a similar climate:

1. OG Kush

OG Kush comes from Northern California and is known for its distinct taste and powerful effects. Yet, opinions are divided about the origin of the OG Kush. The actual genetics are therefore unknown. What we do know is that she is indica dominant and one of the greatest marijuana strains.

Some claim that OG Kush is a blend of ChemDawg with a Lemon Thai and a Pakistani Kush. There is even disagreement about the meaning of the name OG; some claim it means Original Gangster. However, most people would agree that because of its origins in Northern California, it means Ocean Grown.

The OG Kush weed is an extremely strong cannabis strain that is very popular among experienced smokers and medical marijuana users.

OG Kush is a unique variety with distinctive traits that cannot be compared to other marijuana varieties. The feminised OG Kush cannabis seeds are therefore extremely popular and are widely sold worldwide.

The most predominant characteristic of OG Kush is its strong aroma and light citrus flavour. This is reminiscent of fuel or powerful cleaning agents. OG Kush is an exceptionally strong marijuana variety, which is often one of their favourites among experienced smokers.

The effect after smoking the weed is equally strong both physically and mentally. Although her genetics are mostly Indica, her influence is Sativa. This strong cannabis strain has a very complex taste.

The OG Kush cannabis plant is a great strain for outdoor growing in Maine and perhaps one of the best outdoor strains around. She flowers for eight weeks and has an average yield of 60 to 80 grams per plant, which means that the yield can increase to a harvest of 600 grams per square meter.

OG Kush plants are known to stretch slightly during growth, but quickly fill up during flowering. They generally grow to between 90 and 160 cm in height. Her buds are large and thick, and the light green clusters are covered with a thick layer of resin.

More information | OG Kush

2. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

Gorilla Glue Auto is the autoflowering variant of Gorilla Glue # 4. Are you wondering what makes Gorilla Glue so unique? Then take a look at her name. This one is a playful hint to her fantastic resin production and potency. In fact, it is so powerful that it “glues” you to your sofa in wonderfully deep relaxation.

Since Gorilla Glue Auto is an autoflower and features perfect mold resistance. It can therefore be grown without any problems. And rest assured; it does very well both indoors and outdoors. With a little care, you can look forward to phenomenal production with this remarkable autoflower.

Maybe not in quantity per se, but absolutely in quality. Anyone who grows her doesn’t even know where to start cutting, because she produces so much resin!

Indoors, she can deliver 400-600g / m² thick and very resinous buds under lighting of 600W. These have a scent consisting of a mix of pine, lemon and gasoline. Outside, you can rely on a yield of around 300g / plant under optimal conditions. Her short flowering time of 8-9 weeks from germination is another significant advantage!

The pine aroma not only smells great during growth but is also very noticeable when smoked. Citrus and diesel notes complete the experience.

Gorilla Glue Auto is an extraordinarily potent strain. It is therefore not surprising that with her bizarrely productive trichomes, she can reach an astonishingly high THC content of 24%.

The Gorilla Glue Auto is a strain that offers the perfect blend of an Indica strain with Sativa qualities. This means that her effect is deeply relaxing but very euphoric at the same time. In other words, she’s a great mix of a heavy body stone with a cerebral high.

More information | Gorilla Glue auto

3. White Widow

White Widow is a member of the so-called “white family” of cannabis with a high THC content. The first White Widow was created by crossing a Brazilian Cannabis sativa with an Indian Cannabis indica. This Indica hybrid was already legendary at the time, according to stories, she was created by years of cultivation and selection in the mountains of Kerala.

Characteristics of both species from this cross are therefore clearly recognisable. The buds of this marijuana plant are sturdy and compact and covered with white crystals.

When you talk about the White Widow, you are talking about the most famous strain ever. In the Netherlands it quickly became a bestseller in all coffee shops, not much later this strong plant became known all over the world, making it available almost everywhere today.

More information | White Widow seeds

4. Blue Dream

A happy cross between Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is in many a top ten list of best-selling cannabis seeds. Due to the involvement of Haze, Blue Dream is sought after by many experienced growers.

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid and has quickly developed into one of the most smoked and loved cannabis strains in the USA. Currently she is one of the best-selling strains ever.

This is thanks to its beautiful blue appearance and wonderfully sweet taste and a satisfying high yield. All of these factors, combined with plenty of THC and a long-lasting effect that serves both body and mind.

Those who grow Blue Dream can count on the respect of their cannabis-loving friends; this cannabis is always appreciated. There is nothing wrong with the bag appeal due to the colourful shades, and the yields are also impressive.

Blue Dream is a cannabis strain with character; no popping indica and no floaty Haze, but a cannabis strain with a refined taste, easy to grow and large yields. Connoisseurs describe the strain as cannabis seed cannabis strain, with a distinct, sweet taste and a high that is an enjoyable full-body stone and a cerebral high.

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5. Sour Diesel

A legend in the weed community, Sour Diesel is known to take even the most depressed and sulkiest, and raise them to a high bliss that leaves them unable to control the onslaught of classic marijuana chuckles.

Sour Diesel always delivers crisp citrus notes with every toke. This not only gives a sumptuously rich and complex flavour but also produces an incredibly smooth exhalation of the two main flavour notes merging and having an earthy aftertaste. The high often leads you into cerebral daydreams with the energy and motivation to turn those daydreams into reality. Sour Diesel is an excellent cannabis strain to get things going, and with a simple vintage aroma, it’s easy to see how this cannabis strain is a classic.

Our advice for this variety: this plant will grow! And you should have experience with plant training techniques like topping or Scrog to keep it contained. She will do well outdoors in Maine if regularly watered and offered plenty of nutrients – she can be a hungry beast!

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