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LANI is far more than just an ingredient provider. Over more than 60 years, we’ve built a reputation as one of the most respected companies in the pet food industry. Our values of integrity and honesty continue to provide mutually rewarding opportunities for our customers, our employees and our community.


We’re here to help you succeed. LANI offers dry flours, component blends, custom blending and milling, bovine- and medication-free facilities, and organic and grain-free options. Need ingredient sourcing or tote-bulk-bag-repackaging? We do that, too.


We never cut corners. We’re SQF Level 2 and Safe Feed/Safe Food certified, and fully compliant with EU 1774. Our Vendor Assurance Program gives you confidence that we’ll always come through when you need us.


Every supplier for LANI must meet our stringent standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices. Holding ourselves to these same rigorous standards with internal and external audits and inspections, we ensure our ingredients and processes meet FDA, USDA and/or AAFCO requirements.

LANI is the premier pet food ingredient provider in the U.S. Our commitment to quality and honesty has made us a trusted partner for industry leaders.

Seed Money

The faculty supports the preparation of project applications at the SNF or other institutions with 84 personal points per year. PhD-students and postdocs who will be supported if the e.g. SNF-project is granted and who have a significant role in writing the SNF application can apply. The committee grants normally 12 personal points to successful applications.

The committee for research and postgraduate academics support decides on the applications once every semester. If your application is denied, you can hand it in again in the following semester. Please hand in well-structured applications; the SNF will only support elaborate projects.

In the follow-up we distinguish between the project application (“project application”) and the application to get Seed Money (“Seed Money application”).

Seed Money application

She or he who wants to get Seed Money does apply for it.

Funded persons

meet the following requirements:

  • Master or comparable degree from the Bern University or another University.
  • Last degree (Master or PhD) was awarded at least a 5,0 (good; magna cum laude). The degree is not mandatory at the time of the Seed Money application. If there is no degree, the committee awards grants conditionally. If you have a PhD, it should not be older than 24 months.
  • Swiss work permit and willingness to work at Bern University during the supported time.
  • The project application provides a job for you.
  • During the Seed Money funded period, you are hired maximum 30% at Bern University and do not use this time to write the project application.
  • Hand in an application at the SNF or other third party fund organizations.

Positive criteria are:

  • Good performance (CV and certificates).
  • Good and promising project idea/draft.
  • Depending on the number of applications, the committee will prioritise persons who are not funded otherwise or have insufficient other funds.
  • Evicende that the person is capable and willing to contribute substantially to the application.

The funds applied for in the project application must be managed at Bern University.


Please hand in the application form at [email protected] Please also hand in:

  • CV including list of publications, held seminars, and other running jobs at Bern University
  • Title and abstract of MA or PhD thesis, if applicable, max. ½ page
  • MA diploma or PhD diploma, if applicable (scanned)
  • Confirmation of a supervisor, that she/he will supervise the thesis that will be written for the project

Please inform the committee if you are already funded elsewhere or have applied for other funds.

The SNF decision must be forwarded to the dean’s office for quality management.

Application deadlines: April 1st, October 1st.

Seed Money The faculty supports the preparation of project applications at the SNF or other institutions with 84 personal points per year. PhD-students and postdocs who will be supported if the