afghani strain characteristics

Afghani strain characteristics

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One of my favorites. A classic potent indica flower. If you like the peppery, earthy type of flower this is for you. Ive had both medical and recreation and neither disappointed.

As an Indica superfan, I highly recommend picking up some Afghani WHENEVER you get the chance to. This is one of my favorite insomnia relieving Indica’s out there. While the body high isn’t the heaviest, it is a euphoric sleep inducing one. I grab it as concentrate as often as possible so I can stash some away for when I really can’t sleep. 10/10.

In love ❤️. Def one of the best indicas that I have had, super body high/ relaxation. makes you happy and totally stress-free 😌

Indica is my favorite strains but when I wanna try new things I would either try Afghani or Skywalker and the Afghani cart is my all time fav. I recommend 10 out of 10 indica lovers

i did this before bed and i was tripping out and i was very tired i was hallucinating strong and i was out cold 10/10 Recommended

Afghani is the perfect just before bed toke. It softens the rough edges of pain and guides you into relaxation. In vape form the taste isn’t anything to write home about, but you won’t care. Because it is awesome.

I picked up an eighth of 17% THC Afghani at a nearby dispensary. I was just checking it out on the Internet when I found this web site. I just now smoked 3 big, single hit bowls, in my ancient bamboo bong. I just realized that I could have/should have stopped at 2 bowls. I feel good, strangely alert, and “One toke over the line”! Afghani is so pleasant-not harsh, and I would smoke it in joints, just for the flavor. I think that it would be a waste of this pot to smoke it in a joint. This stuff is so pleasantly powerful that a large pea sized nug should be enough, unless you’re going to listen to music with headphones or just go to bed. This is what $15 an ounce pot was like, for me, around the New York area, in the late 1960’s. (After you pulled out the leaf and stems.) Back then, it really was from Afghanistan, and you got the whole plant!

Not as potent as I had hoped (I have a fairly high tolerance), but was still a great strain to use right before bedtime. It made me feel happy, relaxed, sleepy and less anxious. Some nights I would fall asleep before the movie I had put on was over, while other times I had to get out of bed and use some more. I only purchased a gram of this, and it went super fast. The smell and taste is strong, but too bad. I would definitely repurchase.

Old school goodie that always delivers. 4.5 stars only a the extremely elite strains get the full 5 stars. Although Afghani comes close and probably is in most elite rated Cannabis strains I still reserve 5* rates for mind blowing strains only. Don’t be turned away by the 4.5 rating it’s still some of the dankest medicine you can find. Very stable strain as well.

Afghani may be one of the most popular marijuana strains the world has ever seen. Though this strain isn't as powerful as its long history suggests (THC levels at about 17-20%%), this strain is certainly strong enough to deliver a deep, sedated body high with a strong shot of euphoria. CBD levels…


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A very stout and hearty variety that originated in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these dark green Indica plants can survive almost anything. Pest and mold-resistant, easy to grow, and compact. Traditionally used in hash-making, Afghani varieties are often extremely resinous and sticky.



Originally brought into the United States and Holland in the 1970’s, it’s been used in many crosses to improve yield, mold/pest resistance, and add its Indica power and resin production.


Normally hashy and earthy, sometimes very musky and spicy, at times overwhelming carbon filters.


Hashy and pretty unremarkable in most cases, sometimes the spicy notes or even light sweetness comes out.


Sedating and pain-relieving, Afghani varieties are known for being narcotic at times and eminently relaxing. Known for fairly high CBD content, they have great analgesic properties.

Grow Medium

These hearty plants are suitable for any type of cultivation and thrive even in difficult and cold-weather climates… they also thrive in SCROG and other training setups.

A very stout and hearty variety that originated in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these dark green Indica plants can survive almost anything.  Pest and mold-resistant, easy to grow, and compact.  Traditionally used in hash-making, Afghani varieties are  often extremely resinous and sticky.